Medical app

All projects are about UX UI


UX UI research for Medical App

Design Thinking, Workshop, User Test


Olga is an app developed by GS (a software agency based in Italy).

The goal of my contribution to the project was to give an identity to the app and enhance the user experience, by understanding the users’ needs, using a Design Thinking methodology of work.

I also took the initiative to work on a new visual design of the character.

We analyzed the main actors (families, doctors, and pharmacists) and their specific needs.

We organised a workshop with stakeholders (pharmacists, final users, designers, developers) using Gamification tools.

We designed the user journey, and made a paper and a digital prototypes, and carried out users test.

First Step: Understanding / Analyse

Using Google Material design


We designed a set of icons for senior citizens

Created with Google Material design



Create a stakeholders journey:

Interviews with doctors, patients, senior citizens, pharmacy owner, city council, government.



I personally didn’t like so much the character used. I explored a new version, during a parallel character design course: a doctor who can communicate security and reliability.



The goal of this project was to help senior citizens to order and receive their medicines directly home. 

 Third part: Iteration & Prototype

Set up different user tests:

We carried out user tests to improve the words used and the general digital experience and to understand how senior citizens were dealing with the app, and how they related to it.




Personal achievement: I managed and organized different workshops.

I learnt how to use Google material design.

I rolled out effective digital prototype testing with a specific target.