Digital library

All projects are about UX UI


The goal of the project was to improve the experience of the users of the Umea University Library service.

This project was a team project in Interaction Design made in Umea Institute of Design, 2015.


With my team (ArturMelinaVictorBreno and Tasos), we investigated user needs in their use of the UID library website. To do so, we made an ethnographic research and user shadowing.

We designed solutions for remote students: intuitive and visual tools for searching books, and a communication service for connecting students and tutors.

Step 1 – empathize and define

Ethnography research tools used: Video Shadowing; Ideas box; and Suggestion book.

Analysis of the user needs: emotional connection between users, intuitive book search tool.


To know more about: “Design process”  Ethnography research


Step 2 – Ideation

Design-thinking techniques.




Step 3 – Paper prototyping and user test


STEP 4 – Hi-fi prototyping

In our final concept, we added 3 main functions to the digital library service of Umea University.

We were inspired by Medium, New York Library and Rachel Botsam’s Ted Talk.


  • BUBBLE SEARCH: Digital haptics search
  • VISUAL LIBRARY: Show book covers to remote students
  • MY PLUS+: Sharing and chatting platform for students and tutors





Bubble search was born after understanding that remote students (users who live in isolated cities) needs to have a more friendly and intuitive way to find books.

We developed a visual tool that all the kids know: Bubble mathematics. Students were happy when they tried it out.

Fact: One of our co-students won a pitch with the Bubble Search and developed this feature with an industry partner in Umea, Sweden.


VISUAL library



All students asked for a more visual way to consult the catalogue of books in the library. How can we transfer the atmosphere of a library in a website? We added a book cover for each item.




Part of our research was about PhD users.

PhD users need to spread their knowledge, and their knowledge should be easy to find for other researchers from other universities.

We designed a page inside the University library connected with Google +, where they can share thoughts about PhD research, and spread their knowledge all over the web.

As it is linked to their Google + profiles, they can see their common interests and start creating emotional connections.


MY PLUS+: Create an emotional engagement


Based on the feedback and book references shared in their profile, our service connects users with a common interest and creates an emotional engagement.