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Volunteering Work in Slovenia: Design for community

When I started to work on this project (2010), the space was abandoned. The challenges were to give a new life to this space,  changing local prejudices about it and empowering the local community to take over the creative space. (“Atelje” in Slovenian language)





What it is?

Restyling Atelje is a project to give a new meaning to an existing place. Called Atelje a place which was abandoned for many years.


Engage the local community to participate actively in a public space


The place was abandoned, with lots of prejudices, no social event in the last few years, and perceived by the local community as place to avoid



We interviewed the local community to understand their wishes and needs. From their feedback, we started to design and rename the space. Creating place comfortable and nice to visit.




After four months of collaborative work, involving the local community, the place was ready to be used.

A place for innovating, for creating, for cooking, and for kids



Here, I present two videos of a result of a day stop-motion workshop we organized.

We organised a series of workshops for kids and youngsters. It was a good opportunity to develop my pedagogical skills and share my knowledge, as well as learn about Slovenian culture.

During my voluntary work in Slovenia, I had the opportunity to organize workshops for children at Atelje Clobb.


We invited artists to work at Atelje and we planned: workshop & monthly lecture.

My tool used: AfterEffects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Module8, MadMapper.

I taught this tools:


Module8, MadMapper

My role in the team was also to develop a marketing campaign in the surrounding cities of Škofja Loka: I designed 9 posters and 47 postcards.

I am very happy to see that today the place is still alive and a lot of events are organized by youngsters. The community took up the reins of the place.