I am Enrico Sinatra, a designer.

A mid-UX Designer with a passion for Scenario/storyboard and Learning Experience. I am a collaborative person with entrepreneurial European mindset.


2017:Consultant for International organization (get married ♥ ), moving to Montreal.

2016: Building a small Hotel- Business management.  Helping to build a Medical-App: position as UX Designer and Visual UI


Yes, Sinatra, like Frank 😉

Ux Design, Which flavor I will add in the team?

I am a Human-Centered Designer with multicultural skills.
Graduated from Umea Design School, I am a creative person who likes design thinking process, and helps to coach or help small/medium companies. My mission is about creating innovation inside the organization. I have a background in Italian & Scandinavia Design, and all my knowledge is influenced by all European cultures that I have been exposed too.

I love to work in a team environment where the ending product is a result of the creative process where ideas are shared, discussed, tested and improved by the team for the users.
My comprehensive perspective gives me the possibility to see solutions and improvement in each project. Important: I keep listening all experts in all discipline which are not mine.
The best design tool I learned is the tools that you can teach to me.

My background: I studied and worked in Italy, Scotland, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Sweden, and Estonia, Swiss, Canada. I travelled by bike from Scotland to Transylvania.
I try to do a lot of sport, and still today I love to swim & (physical Yoga); I became an amateur sportsman.

On the other hand, all these experiences made me grow because it gave me a good overview of European design thinking, methodologies and culture. I acquired various skills with my work & life experiences.

On the one hand, the challenges I encountered along the way made me change my lifestyle.

My experience insights

Where I work

Design Agency
Start up
International organisation
Personal project
Free Lancing

Seniority level

UX/UI Design User Experience
Collaborative Manager
LX Instructional design


Master in Design in Sweden (Service & Interaction)
Bachelor in Design in Italy (Product & Industrial design

LX On line course


Adobe visual tools
Prototype tools (proto.io axure
Video editing&Video Effect

Human Centered Design/Design-Thinking (Stanford Design.School/U.I.D.)


Design Management/Double Diamond process


What is the design thinking? What it is double diamond? Where is the critics? How The Creative process is working?


Ethnography reserch

Ethnography reserch

Video Shadowing. Box idea & Book suggestion, Google docs, these are only a few tools to know what users think about the projects or service.

Creative Process

Creative Process

User needs, flows and storyboard. In order to develop different ideas. For advanced ideas we need time and iterate the process. (My team in the photo)

Get inspiration

Get inspiration

We took inspiration from Medium, PHD, paper, Ted, and other experties.

Mock up & test

Mock up & test

Prototype in low fidelity, it is a step to understand where and what could be more improved.

HI Fi prototype

HI Fi prototype

And user insight, we are designing for them

user workshops and stakeholder interview.

user workshops and stakeholder interview.

What is the best way to design? Design for final users. Let's make them design, I am their assistant.


2018: Interactivity with JavaScript, Université du Michigan on Coursera

2017 : Build Android APP  (Project-Centered Course) by CentraleSupélec on Coursera

2017 :4 week part time course about Concept illustration, technique, the concept of cartoon

2014: Qualification: (HCD) UX Designer: IDI: Intensive Design Industrial (2014) from Umea University Sweden, which has recently been recognized as the best design school by the Red Dot Institute, five years in a row.

2010: College: HTML CSS, and Editing course Final Cut & Premiere PRO.  Glasgow Metropolitan College

2009: Qualification: Master 1° Level, Systemics Design. (2009) University: ISIA ROMA DESIGN

2008: Qualification: Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design & Product Design (2008) University: ISIA ROMA DESIGN

Top Skills:  User research, Human Centered Design, team player, user experience design, sketching, prototyping, Premiere Pro, Interaction design, Product design, Photoshop, model making, mock-up Indesign, Illustrator ethnography, basic animation, visualization, project plan & management, Co-design, Co – workshop


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