• New Kitchen (my mum client)

    I have decided to give a present to my mum, a retired math teacher with passion about IKEA, beautiful and antique art craft, ceramics and a love for cooking. ( I come from Sicily south part of Italy, so... guess what? we love cooking )

  • Overview of the space

    I have decided to use design thinking with my mum, so analysing what and how the house was designed, and how she was using all the space, how many time she was going up and down to take spices, pasta, tools, etc...

  • help to Co-creating a kitchen style

    The second things my mum like it the idea of having an IKEA kitchen in a Swedish way and love the idea that I will build the kitchen with her. I probably I like the idea too. ( After ten years of not living/working in Sicily. I used this time to stay as much as possible with her) (( remember in the morning I was working as UX/UI here ))

  • underline her desire

    I printed different kitchen from Pinterest, and I make her choose what she like most. I write it down what was for her more important. I understood a good kitchen could help her to manage all the house. She was dreaming about a kitchen easy to tidy up, always in order, a place which gives the impression objects were in the right space, warm atmosphere, elegant and harmony with her antique/vintage object.

  • Organic material and reusing, recyclying

    A must do list; she asked: was reusing as much as possible the old kitchen she had and recycling as much possible the furniture she was getting used to. Plus we were encouraged to use an innovative and organic material for the wall. We found an in GG a company specialised in organic material for construction.

  • The final solution(s)

  • The small details she appreciate

    We restyling and restructured as well the majority of the object she has and we used all the colour coordination.

  • Design process

    I just facilitate her to discover what was the best solution for her.

    Design-strategy: I literally use tape drawing technique ( was very useful to show to my mum how the kitchen will become) (I was thinking to use Google Glass and virtual 3D, but I did not have time).

  • empowering her, while I was working.

    I just facilitate her to discover what was the best solution for her.

    Theatre scenario: I asked several times to my brother and my mum to act if the kitchen was in another place, how we will sit in the table if dish washer will be there. Everything I designed was based on my mother ndeds and decision. I just facilitate her to discover what was the best solution for her. I found different solutions, for example using only lower kitchen cupboards, except for dish and wine bottle; Adding adjustable spotlights into high shelves; Creating Isle kitchen movable for extra "party cookies", hacking previous IKEA furniture and create something from it.


Before                                                     After

Switched position of kitchen and TV. Smaller table, two armchairs (instead of dormeuse), reduced number and height of kitchen cabinets. My mum is 155 cm tall, so everything in the kitchen was designed and tailored for her personal ergonomic size and flexibility.



Underline the common space



Dynamic way to use kitchen and garden

  • ( from that door you go to the garden-“where I have worked as well” 😉 )



She had no space for all her tools. Now she had 4,60 metres kitchen,(instead of 2m) and 10 drawers in the kitchen, and other 9 drawers in the basement ( the house it builds on Romain arch 200 a.C)





She is very happy.

End of the happy family story.