Design Thoughts

Design is not have a clear solution, but to be open and listen to others, expand possibilities of the existent to able to create new not obvious answers and possibly more democratic and socially responsive ways of living and applying technology. In others words, It is an inquiry into a problem, that take place through a dialogue with context the people and the material you are working on. This require to move apply transfer ideas and make analogies from other disciplines and ways of seeing the world.

Swedish Co-working

Co-working is a practical tool to create innovation with stakeholders in service design.
Work and develop with clients future scenarios is an energy oriented creative process to achieve innovative goals.

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Ethnography, Shadowing video-research,

Analyze workflow experience of users, for understanding how services are delivered in real life.

Reflect about needs of all stakeholders, and DISCOVER point of improvement and strengths.

Define tools

For who do I design ? who are my users? How I can make this text readable and understable for all? These are questions I ask myself and the ones I think most of designers ask themselves.
Information technology radically changed the way designers, companies and society relate to eachothers. Design is not for everyone anymore. Scale and mass production are probably not the solution to todays society’s problems and their scale: environmental problems, democratic issues are all matters that requires a multitude of disciplines and perspective to be solved.

User Journey

Visualize all steps users need to achieve a goal(s). Have an overview of the user experience, reflect onto different (UX) steps and concentrate an innovation thought in a specific point; in order to create innovation, change or improvement.

User testing

Design for human needs, and create effective product which not hurt our self. Creativity is about (try) create a perfect solution for us. Human of this planet.

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Developing Tools

I dream a world where political decision and solutions are discussed through Design: which means that before building something things should be sketched, moked up, and experienced. So here it is, I see design a mean, a way to articulate issues and explore solutions through material and people. Prototypes as weapons of mass democratization! In other words dream Service Designers in Parlaments. Because they have a methodology to investigate problems, and methodology to create solutions, they know how improve their surrounding, by work with people and for them.

Lo-Fi Prototyping

Why do it? Because design is about testing your ideas.
benefit: Make simple design require lots of energy and lots of testing.

How do it? with fun, creativity, and cardboard


Design is about creating future scenario and test them. Investigate user experience and her reactions with products/services.
Questioning: what if, how this product will interact with human, people… what the benefit for our society?

Blue print

Explain touchpoints of service design, and verify maintain and implement it.

Service infographic

Explain a continuum educational process. See touchpoints of education and the difference between start and end

Sketching exploration

Explore forms, gesture and functions in relation to users.

Delivering tools

What interactions design will be? I don’t think I am in the conditions to say it yet. I will investigate with you, I will study and create visual interactive suggestions for better interfaces, machines for human (and viceversa) that still maintain sociality while helping people to work and live better, with more awareness and control about how things work, with less pain, less frustration.

Interactive experience prototype

Prototype for Estonian National Museum ERM® in Collaboration
with Tallinn


What design means? Latin designare “mark out, choose, “ from de- “out”+ signum “to mark,” Modern use of design is a metaphoric extension. Design means be humble and reframe problems, and come out with an preferable future solution. Which future do you want among the many possible? Design in my understanding do this, it allows us to explore and “mark” the kind of futures we’d like to live.